33 Ways To Stay Creative

1. Make Lists 2. Carry A Notebook Everywhere (i do! i do!) 3. Try Free Writing (does doodlin' count? yes, it does) 4. Get Away From The Computer (i 'unplug' often - too much technology screws with my brain cell-s-:) 5. Be Otherworldly (ooOooo) 6. Quit Beating Yourself Up (please!) 7. Take Breaks (often;) 8. Sing In The Shower (and the car - lawd how i do this one lalallalallalaaaaaa??;) 9. Drink Coffee / Tea (does spirulina count, why yes!) 10. Know Your Roots (even the icky ones =?) 11. Listen To New Music 12. Be Open (to new ideas and ways of thought... all ways) 13. Surround Yourself With Creative People (<--heavenly osmosis) 14. Get Feedback 15. Collaborate (and liisten tocornymusac Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby) 16. Don't Give Up 17. Practice, Practice, Practice (then do it) 18. Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes (everyday. it's how i do my best learning;) 19. Go Somewhere New (ok!~packs my suitcase~) 20. Watch Foreign Films (maybe) 21. Count Your Blessings 22. Get Lots Of Rest 23. Take Risks 24. Break The Rules (this i'm quite good at, make 'em your own) 25. Do More Of What Makes You Happy (why certainly!) 26. Don't Force It (even if Obi-Wan Kenobi tells you to) 27. Read A Page Of The Dictionary (i'll do more of that while i practice my adoxography) 28. Create A Framework 29. Stop Trying To Be Someone Else's Perfection 30. Got An Idea? Write It Down 31. Clean Your Workspace 32. Have Fun ( YESA! ;D) 33. Finish Something (but do i have , Forget About What Everyone Else Is Doing And Do Yer Own Thang Honeychild.