ALLAH For Everything

[caption id="attachment_3975" align="aligncenter" width="214" caption="ALLAH For Everything"]ALLAH For Everything[/caption] ?[ALLAH] is Awesome. [ALLAH] is Beautiful. [ALLAH] is Caring. [ALLAH] is Devotion. [ALLAH] is Everything. [ALLAH] is Fantastic. [ALLAH] is Great. [ALLAH] is Hearty. [ALLAH] is Incentive. [ALLAH] is Judicious. [ALLAH] is Kind. [ALLAH] is Laudable. [ALLAH] is Magnificent. [ALLAH] is Noble. [ALLAH] Is Omniscient. [ALLAH] is Perfection. [ALLAH] is Quality. [ALLAH] is Righteous. [ALLAH] is Supreme. [ALLAH] is Tolerant. [ALLAH] is Ultimate. [ALLAH] is Versatile. [ALLAH] is Worship. [ALLAH] is X'celent [ALLAH] is Yearning. [ALLAH] is Zeitgeist.. The Almighty is My Saviour and My Best Friend.. Almost every alphabet describes God.. Hit a big "Like" and Say "Amen" if you Believe! :)