General Mind Playing Question

1 )what is the cube of 13? ANS: Its : SUROOR wondaring how? thats bcoz.... TERA * TERA * TERA = SUROOR 2) ek aadmi k 6 fingers thi,use log hanuman bulate the...batao kyon? ANS: kyonki uska naam hanuman tha.. 3) who was the 1st Indian woman fly abroad? .ANS: .........sita with ravan 4) wht did the kangaroo say when she found her baby missing? ANS: …….Aaila!!!!! kisne mera pocket maar liya 6) n elephant falls in luv wid n Ant.but Ant's parents r against their marrige…guess y?? ANS: they gave a solid reason…**Ladke k daant bahar hain** 8) Full form of MATHS???? ANS: Mentally Affected Teacher Harassing Students… 9) what wud u call a girl who never laughs?? ANS: hasina