I Love You But I Cant tell You

Its really hard for me to express myself to u, and to tell u how much i care for u and how much i love u... but i just can't spit it out... i dont know why ?? Thought about you today, And for the first time it wasn't about the past, or the lies, it wasn't about he hurt, or the tears, It wasn't about my broken heart or what I used to wish the future would be. It was about the end to all that, and the beginning of a friendship. So I don't know why people say love never ends in friendship because mine for you has ... Can't say how I feel, Can't tell if my heart would heal, but I always knew from the start I never really had your heart. So leave me, now before I cry. The pain's too much to say GOODBYE. but Always remember each tear   I shed is an I love you left unsaid.