[caption id="attachment_4031" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="ISSUED IN PUBLIC INTEREST"]ISSUED IN PUBLIC INTEREST[/caption]   ISSUED IN PUBLIC INTEREST (PLEASE 'SHARE' ON YOUR WALL AND SPREAD AWARENESS AGAINST FOOD WASTAGE): Please, please 'Don't Waste Food'. Consume as much as you want, but don't waste at all. By not wasting it, you can help a hungry person to have his share. Read the statistics and then decide it for yourself. *Hunger remains the No.1 cause of death in the world ahead of Aids & Cancer! *1/3rd of the world’s hungry live in India. *836 million Indians survive on less than Rs.20 (less than half-a-dollar) a day. *Over 40 crore Indians sleep hungry daily. *Over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day. *Over 25 lakh Indians die of hunger every year. *Malnutrition accounts for nearly 50% of child deaths in India. *More than 27% of the world's undernourished population lives in India while 43% of children (under 5 years) in the country are underweight which is the highest in the world. Save food, save life. If we can't do much about it, at least we can 'share' this on our wall to create awareness against food wastage. 'SHARE' IF YOU 'CARE'!